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About Us

From The Founders

Mandarin is beneficial as it opens up opportunities in our lives. Yet, few can articulate in Mandarin like a native speaker, although we learnt the language in school growing up. Fluency requires learners to embrace language as a tool to communicate. It is best taught not through the traditional classroom approach but by using it in our daily routine.

This inspired us to start The Early Chapter, a Clubhouse for children filled with fun play and immersive activities for Chinese language learning. We aim to inspire children to speak Mandarin through immersive play during the Language Sensitive Period of 0-6 years old. The goal is to nurture their interest in the Chinese language from their most developmental stage of life.


What is

              *The Early Chapter?

We are a Mandarin-speaking environment curated with fun activities and programmes for your child to play, learn, and grow with others.

With activities conducted in Mandarin, your child is constantly immersed in the language while cooking, dancing, narrating stories.. etc with others.


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With English being the default medium for communication in Singapore, Mandarin is less used. To give your child more exposure to Mandarin and to break away from the traditional classroom-learning approach, we created The Early Chapter a place to fall in love with Mandarin.


Our Purpose

To empower every child with more options in their lives - by laying strong foundations in Mandarin through fun and effective ways so as to open up more international opportunities at work, play and relationships in future.


Our Vision


We see a world where every child grows up to become fine adults who can articulate and pursue their dreams without limitations anywhere in the world.  


Our Mission


To create a fun and enjoyable community where children immerse in the use of the Chinese language as they embark on a world of exploration, creativity and camaraderie.




+ Pick up Mandarin through our curated activities

+ Gain Knowledge, uncover hidden talents in your child

+ Develops your child holistically

+ Access to 1200 story+ pictorial books

+ 120 smart toys, constant refreshed

+ 2h free activities daily

+ Free use of facilities even after activities ended

+ Easy signup process- buy tokens, enjoy membership

Core Values